Antonio's Joint

Meet Anthony Polite, founder of Antoni's Joint. Anthony runs a personal blog site dedicated to his first love, music. 

"I wanted a place to able to say what I wanted about music, for music, to music, and with music." 

Anthony curates, blogs and shares playlist consisting of both old and new songs. When he's not creating playlist, he's researching up and coming underground artist, recording interviews, cyphers, and documenting concerts that he's attended. Anthony's love for music has plans to go far beyond his website.  

"The blog is just an extension of my passion for music, it's more of a stepping stone towards obtaining my dream job, running my own record company."

However, music is much more than a beat and powerfull lyrics for Anthony...

"I've always said that music is my drug, religion, and love. All those aspects have a healing power. I also believe music has the power to head the world. I want to produce music that people will love and help them navigate through life. The same way albums like My Life by Mary J. Blige and The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill did for me."

Anthony feels as though this is his destiny and the sense of accomplishment he gets when someone tells him they loved his playlist is just a confirmation of that. 

"I live to indulge in music. This is all I think about and it's literally what I am made of. This has been my dream and I'm not stopping until it's my reality." 

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Instagram: antoniosjoint  

Apple Music: antjblige 

Youtube: Antoni's Joint