Lia Gracia

With art literally running through her family’s DNA, there is no surprise that Lia Garcia would follow in her family’s footsteps in the art world. The now 20-year-old Dominican Republic native, spends most of her free time painting or making jewelry pieces by hand when she’s not juggling classes and homework. However, this was not always the case. While her mother is a graphic and interior designer, her father an architect and siblings both in architecture and fashion design, it was actually a close friend in high school who inspired Lia to experiment with art.

“I had a friend who I looked up to and she was so good, and I was like... I need to try that.” 

She would later go on to double major in education and art in college, but soon found out that that wasn’t the route for her.

“I did not want to be a teacher and deal with kids.”

Lia would go on to make a few more academic changes until finally setting her heart on being a sociology major with a minor in art and French.

She now runs her own brand, self-titeld, LGB Art. Most of Lia’s pieces are acrylic painting but, she has since ventured off into oil painting and print making, mainly doing self-portraits.

“People say, I’m not going to buy a picture of your face and I’m like, that’s fine, I make my art for myself not for you”

Negative comments on what or who she chooses to paint do not stop Lia from doing what she loves. She hopes to expand her art beyond her Instagram and website and eventually tie in her love of art with social activism. She hopes to hold her own art show one day. She has already incorporated her Dominican culture in her art work (pictured below).

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Instagram: @lgb_art

Website: liabg.tictail