070 Shake / Mirror


Kanye hasn't been on too many good sides lately especially with his recent and unusual love for Trump and his MAGA antics. Poor timing, especially with an album around the corner. None the less, Kanye released his album entitled YE, and despite all the criticism, folks still downloaded and listened. Now while the album might not have been his greatest work, although we highly doubt that was the goal, one track in particular stood out or should we say, star. Menchies, meet 070 Shake, the North Bergen, New Jersey rapper and newest member to the G.O.O.D Music family. 070 Shake literally stole the show on the track. And after listening, we immediately downloaded EVERYTHING ever made by her. Let's just say, WE ARE IN LOVE. She currently has an EP out now, Glitter, and it's worth listening to. Check out one of the tracks here and make sure to check out her other stuff too. We're pretty sure this is not the last we've seen or heard of 070 Shake and we're definitely excited to see what else she has in store for us. As always, leave us a comment below and let us know your opinion.